3.2 Quake at Katla | Ice Age Now

Russ Steele

1 Sep 11 – “3.2 Quake today followed by 2.5 and 2.2 at Katla!” Reports Robert  Felix at Ice Age Now.

“Like I said … quakes are getting bigger and more frequent! Keeping an eye on this one!”

I check this map once or twice a day if I can.  If Katla blows its top we are in for some very rough winters in the Northern Hemisphere. Please note that is was a combination of low sunspots and increased volcanic activity that increased the misery during past grand minimums. Stay Tuned.


Ice Age Prediction — Next Ice Age is Late

Russ Steele

This story appeared in the Croatian Times.

Renowned physicist Vladimir Paar has revealed that Europe could be just five years away from the start of a new Ice Age, says this article in the Croatian Times.

Most of central Europe will soon be covered in ice, says Paar, “including Germany, Poland, France, Austria, Slovakia and a part of Slovenia.” The freeze will be so complete that people will be able to walk from England to Ireland or across the North Sea from Scotland to northern Europe. 

“This could happen in five, 10, 50 or 100 years, or even later. We can’t predict it precisely, but it will come,” he added.

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Is Your City Wasting Precious Resources On Climate Change?

Russ Steele

According to a story in at KQED Climate Watch there are not as many communities as some would like preparing for climate change. Change which some scientist say is caused by CO2 emissions. Others scientist say it is the sun in conjunction cosmic rays and clouds. However, the warmers at the puzzle palace in Sacramento, including the ring master Jerry Brown are in the warmers camp. “Climate denial propaganda is very powerful, but California is standing against it,” Brown said. “Part of my job is to advance the truth of science.”

“Speaking at the National Clean Energy Summit on Aug. 30 in Las Vegas, California Gov. Jerry Brown stated: ”Climate change will create floods, droughts, forest fires of greater intensity and regularity, and with far greater devastation.” He asserted that many of the people who once denied that tobacco was harmful are now well-financed “climate deniers.”

 This is stuff right out of Al Gore Play Book.  According to the KQED article:

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The science is getting settled, but no celebration yet.

Russ Steele

Lawrence Solomon writing and the Financial Post has some insight into how Dr Kirkby has been co-opted into cooperating with those who cannot accept the idea that global warming is a natural process aided by interstellar cosmic rays.  Solomon could just as well have entitled his column follow the money, because in the end the control mechanism used on Kirkby by the warmers was money and his future as a funded scientist.

I have written about the CLOUD experiment elsewhere on this blog, now lets look at the aftermath following the findings that cosmic rays, which are not generated by humans, but rain down in us from intergalactic space are responsible for some of the cloud formation on the earth. Those extra cloud influence the earth’s climate. A natural process.

Lawrence Solomon:

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Which produces the most conflict, a warm world or a cold world?

Russ Steele

I have written about Dr Wheeler’s Drought clock research who found that cold periods resulted in the most civil conflict, more details here.  Now Dr. Bruno Tertrais takes a look at The Climate Wars Myth, which is being promoted by Columbia University, more details here.

Dr Tertrais:

History shows that ‘‘warm’’ periods are more peaceful than ‘‘cold’’ ones.

What History Teaches Us

 Since the dawn of civilization, warmer eras have meant fewer wars. The reason is simple: all things being equal, a colder climate meant reduced crops, more famine and instability. Research by climate historians shows a clear correlation between increased warfare and cold periods. They are particularly clear in Asia and Europe, as well as in Africa.

Interestingly, the correlation has been diminishing since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution: as societies modernize, they become less dependent on local agricultural output.

We are going to have an opportunity to test the strength of global agricultural output to provide the needed food in a cooler world.

You can read the full paper here.

H/T to Watts Up With That

Researchers identify 26 past scares analogous to the global warming alarm.

Russ Steele

Kesten C. Green and Tom Harris are writing about their research into past scientific scares at Pajamas Media: Past Alarmism and the Future of Manmade Global Warming.

Green is a forecasting expert at the University of South Australia in Adelaide . Harris is the Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition. They list all 26 of the past scares and the analysis at www.PublicPolicyForecasting.com, all of which turn out to be wrong. Many of you will be surprised to discover that you still believe these past scares, yet they have all been debunked.

In the case of global warming, roughly one person in two is concerned about manmade global warming. Why? Because vivid and alarming forecasts, that have appeared in the press, promoted by high visibility policy leader like Al Gore and President Obama, even though global warming is based on weak foundations.

Green and Harris:

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Nails in California’s economic coffin — ignoring reality.

Russ Steele

Joel Kotkin takes a look at Rick Perry’s influence on Texas’ economic success in an article that first appeared in Forbes. Link to the full article is here.

The part of Kotkin’s article that I found most interesting was the role of the energy sector in job Texas creation.  California is desperate to turn it’s growing unemployment around, but is unwilling to follow the Texas example.  Yes, Texas has benefited from higher energy prices, but in California the opposite it true, higher energy cost are reducing employment.  Companies are moving to Texas.

Kotkin writes:

To be sure, Texas has benefited from higher energy prices, as Perry’s detractors point out. According to an analysis by the EMSI economic forecasting group, the energy sector jumped from over 230,000 jobs in 2001 to just under 490,000 in 2011. That’s roughly 10% of all the state’s overall job gains. This parallels job growth in other states that have experienced surges in energy-related employment — such as North Dakota and Wyoming. 

But some of this has to do with making your own “luck.” Energy-rich California has all but declared war on its fossil fuel industry, once one of the nation’s most important. Instead, the state has placed lavish bets on renewable fuel and the much ballyhooed notion that “green jobs” could provide a massive base for new employment — something even the green-friendly New York Times has called “a pipe dream.” In fact, employment in this field has actually started to tick down, and the prospect of ever higher energy prices associated with “clean” fuels could prove another nail in California’s economic coffin.

What does all this have to do with the Next Grand Minimum? California is investing huge sums in “green energy” and “clean fuels” that are designed to reduce CO2, all to satisfy environmentalist who are trying to save the planet from global warming. Yet, the planet is not warming and we are spending billions that will be needed to deal with a decline in agriculture production,  resulting from shorter growing seasons as we enter The Next Grand Minimum. If California has a robust economy, we will be better prepared to deal with the problem created by cooling world. Drill baby dril!

I recommend that you read all to the Kotkin article here.