On the Cusp? Alaska Winter so far is Unseasonably Early.

HOMER TRIBUNE/Naomi Klouda – The M/V Augustine, operated by owner John Crandall, acts as an ice-breaker on Monday to clear passages in the English Bay Barge Basin. Colder-than-normal temperatures left small boats locked in the ice-choked basin.

The M/V Augustine and John Crandall, owner of Cook Inlet Marine, worked to break ice choking off the English Bay Barge Basin on Monday to make room for a barge recently rescued from a near-tragic grounding at Cold Bay.

The stranded crabbing barge, Unimak Trader, was rescued after nearly sinking on Nov. 13 while working 40 miles from Cold Bay. Aboard were 1.4 million pounds of crab that other vessels lightered off to be delivered to Dutch Harbor or Cold Bay seafood processors. The U.S. Coast Guard, meanwhile, supervised the removal of 20,500 gallons of fuel.

Once stabilized, the 250-foot vessel began the journey to Homer, towed by the Ocean Ranger. Here, it will be salvaged by Peninsula Scrap and Metal, said Harbormaster Bryan Hawkins, since the cost to repair the barge is exceeded by its value.

In order to make room for the enormous barge, the M/V Augustine cleared a channel of ice in Mud Bay and the basin where three other barges were moored. The Monday-morning clearing provided the 150-foot Polar Bear barge a chance to break free on a high tide, thanks to warmer temperatures after several days of being iced in Homer.

Crandall, who owns the only ice-breaker in Kachemak Bay, the heavy-duty M/V Redoubt, said the deep cold that took ahold this winter so far is unseasonably early. Redoubt’s sister vessel, the M/V Augustine isn’t an icebreaker, but she’s a tough ship that spent just a little over an hour breaking paths free for the Unimak Trader.

More HERE.


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