More evidence the sun controls our climate

Russ Steele

Horst-Joachim Lüdecke: The Sun, not Man, warms the Earth

Dr. Lüdecke reports his major discoveries in the latest issue of the journal Energy and Environment. His paper can be down loaded HERE.

Dr. Lüdecke’s paper is very complex and for those not schooled in statistical analysis it might be hard to follow. I have extracted part of a discussion of the paper at the Climate Realist blog.

The new analysis indicates that changes in the Sun’s output of radiation, which depends upon anomalies in its magnetic field that show up as sunspots, are what really drives temperature changes here on Earth.

Dr. Lüdecke said: “The Sun is still recovering from the Maunder Minimum, the 70-year period from 1645-1715 when there were hardly any sunspots. It was less active then than during any similar period over the past 11,400 years. It was then that the Hudson in New York and the Thames in London used to freeze over in the winter. 

“It is the unprecedentedly rapid recovery of the Sun’s activity over the past 300 years – far stronger than anyone had previously suspected – that has been the chief driver of global warming in recent decades. We have very little to do with it.” 

Dr. Lüdecke’s analysis of the 200-year record of monthly temperatures measured by thermometers at five northern-hemisphere stations shows the Earth cooled almost as much in the 19th century as it warmed in the 20th.  

Also, two 2000-year temperature reconstructions – one from a stalagmite, one from tree-rings – indicated that 100-year ups and downs in global temperature far stronger than those of the past 200 years were commonplace, strongly contradicting the “official” hypothesis that 20th-century global warming is unusual.  

Dr. Lüdecke said, “The Sun gives its name and its warmth to the Solar System. One should look there, not here, for the true cause of recent global warming.”

I was most interested in the 100 year climate cycles shown here and the proxy recored shown below.

The data is clear, the sun is a major influence on our climate.


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