Another forecaster warns of “mini ice age”

Robert Felix reports: Another forecaster warns of “mini ice age”

Says the UK could be “dominated by cold winters” for years.

World forecasters World Climate Service said “unusual cold” and “disruptive snow” would arrive in weeks with a mini ice age set to last for decades, bringing bitterly cold winters,” says this article in the Express.

“We expect another winter of unusual cold and occasionally disruptive snow from the British Isles and France across Germany and southern Scandinavia to the Baltic states.

“The highest likelihood of unusual cold appears to be in early to mid-winter (late November to January), with moderating conditions possible by February,” said senior meteorologist Richard James.

He said the UK would be “dominated by cold winters” for years due to a negative North Atlantic Oscillation, the atmospheric pressure weather system.

via Another forecaster warns of “mini ice age”.


One thought on “Another forecaster warns of “mini ice age”

  1. R. Gates October 15, 2011 / 8:51 pm

    It does indeed look as though the Arctic Oscillation Index is set to go very negative in a few weeks. Look out Europe!

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