Joe and Joe on the coming winter

Russ Steele

Joe Bastardi and Joe D’Aleo, WeatherBell Analytics, have some thoughts to share on the coming winter as the La Niña returns to the Pacific.

 Weatherbell sees the impact of this return La Nina will be again global in nature and significant. Another harsh winter is expected in China and at least the first half of the winter in North America and Western Europe. More heavy snow will accompany the cold as our outlook will show next week.

With widespread cooling, WeatherBell Analytics Meteorologists Joe Bastardi and Joe D Aleo are predicting the global temperature, which has average near 0.2C above normal this year after being over 0.4C above normal last year, will drop to near -0.15C BELOW by March. This is similar to what we saw in 2008. This will mean the yearly cooling trend, off the warm year of 2010, which is underway now, will continue in 2012, which is liable to be the coolest year since the late 1990s.

You can down load the PDF HERE, but Joe and Joe conclude:

 The bottom line is a global temperature drop is coming to the coldest levels in at least several years, and there are winter implications that if you get the jump on, may be of benefit to you.

I am suggesting that you make sure you have enough fuel for your generator if you have one, and if you do not, you consider getting one before the snow flys. A few extra cords of wood for the fire place might come in handy. We bought a snow blower and I need to get a couple can of gas before the snow blankets Banner Mt.


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