Early Winter in Switzerland

Russ Steele

It is still summer in St Moritz, but citizens recently experiences an early winter blizzard.  Watt Up With That has the details.

Global Warming alarmists have long claimed that snowfall would soon be a thing of the past in the Swiss Alps, that the glaciers would melt, tourists would leave, and the ski industry would die. There CERTAINLY would not be any snowfall at lower altitudes, or any snowfall even before the official start of autumn. Yet today there fell snow as low as 1200 meters, with heavy falls in St. Moritz, a very early time for a blizzard in the alps.

Significant snowfall at St. Moritz on September 19th

via Early Winter in Switzerland | Watts Up With That?.

Yes, it is only weather, but how many early weather events would take to constitute a trend?  We have had some early snow in Colorado and Hawaii. Where will the next early snow storm be?


One thought on “Early Winter in Switzerland

  1. Russ September 19, 2011 / 9:05 pm

    This was not just mountain snow. Here is a newspaper article:
    West Austria: First roads blocked due to snow.

    “Snow fell overnight in Tyrol and Vorarlberg even to low altitude. Some streets have been blocked and others can only be driven on using snow chains. A fast train has been blocked while traveling in Gasteinertal.

    “Trees have fallen because of the excessive weight due to the snow, which caused energy delivery problems. About 3500 homes were without electricity. 3 trains have also stopped in Salzburg.

    The snow fell as low as 600 meters (1800 feet) altitude.

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